Why Choose Pamphill?

Choosing an early years setting is crucial to your child’s development. Early years settings are the gateway and stepping stone to the education system. We therefore, strive to make every child’s time at Pamphill Pre-School, a positive and enjoyable experience.

Our Aims

  • Work in partnership with parents/carers
  • Value each individual through recognising and developing their potential
  • Work together to create a happy, secure and caring atmosphere
  • Enable children to enjoy learning through their individual interests
  • Make our setting inclusive to everyone
  • Encourage confidence, independence and problem solving
  • Make learning fun and capture positive memories

What do we do?

We have lots of fun!

We believe that children learn best when they are happy & feel secure. It is very important to us that children learn through play. We operate a child initiated planning system, so activities stem from children’s interests.
We also incorporate Narrative therapy to help extend speech & language skills, early years phonics, rhyme time, ‘I can‘ problem solve sessions & ‘storycise‘