We are committed to supporting every child towards the fulfilment of his or her own potential within a safe, caring and stimulating environment. We believe passionately that children should be allowed to blossom and flourish within a warm, nurturing and inspiring atmosphere created by genuinely dedicated staff. 

The Aims of Pamphill Pre – School:

  • To guide your child onto his or her individual path of learning and discovery.
  • To then inspire and facilitate the journey along that path. 
  • To prepare each child socially and academically for Reception at whichever school parents intend for their child when he or she leaves our pre-school.
  • To work closely with parents in order to know each individual child as fully as possible. 
  • To promote the physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of your child – in other words, ‘the whole child’.
  • To run a happy, safe and inspiring pre-school where all can grow and flourish.