Pamphill  Pre‐school operates a camera, mobile phone and recording device policy to protect children, protect staff from allegations and to maintain high standards of care within the pre‐school. Staff, students and volunteers are not permitted to carry mobile phones around the setting when children are present and all adults will be asked to leave their phones in their bags within the office during their time at the setting.

This will not apply to visiting prospective parents or other visitors as long as they are accompanied by a staff member at all times. However we request they do not use them whilst in the setting. Signs are clearly visible around the setting, stating that mobile phones are prohibited.

Staff should not use their mobile phones during session time; however they may make or receive emergency calls with prior permission from the Manager. These calls should be made or received in the office after ensuring that appropriate staff‐child ratios are still in place.

Staff members, students and volunteers may access their personal devices whilst off‐duty for example before the start of, or at the end of the session and only when all children have left the building.

We recognise that staff escorting children on an outing need to have access to a mobile phone to maintain contact with the setting and for use in case of an emergency. The pre‐school has a mobile phone which should be used, however staff may use their own mobile phones in cases of emergency and only with the Managers permission. The use of this should never distract from the supervision of the children and should not be used for taking photographs.

Any staff member who does not comply with this policy will be dealt with in line with the pre-school grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Children will only be photographed or recorded by the use of a camera or recording device that belongs to the pre‐school. The pre‐school camera will be stored in a locked drawer in the office outside of pre‐school hours.

Photographs will only be taken of children during normal pre‐school activities. Cameras, mobile phones or recording devices will never be taken into toilets/changing areas. A child will never be photographed when their clothes or nappy are being changed.

Children will only be photographed or recorded if parental consent has been obtained.

Only members of Pamphill pre‐school staff who have and Enhanced DBS (disclosure and barring) are permitted to take photographs within the pre‐school. Parent helpers, volunteers and other visitors are not permitted to take photographs during pre‐school sessions unless instructed to do so by the Manager. However, at public pre‐school events e.g. Christmas party, parents/carers, family members and press photographers may take photographs, it is their responsibility to inform the Manager of this.

Photographs may be printed and included in a child’s learning journey or displayed within the pre‐school. Photographs will normally be stored on the pre‐school computer. Permission for storing elsewhere will be given and noted by the Manager. All computers will be password protected and can be inspected anytime, without notice, by the Manager and another witness. Any photographs not required will be deleted.

No staff member is allowed to upload photographs taken during the session on any social networking site at any time.

Parents/carers will be made aware of this policy, and permission given on the Registration Form. If a parent/carer does not give permission for their child to be photographed, all staff will be informed so that all reasonable steps can be taken to ensure that the child is not included in any photographs at Pamphill  pre‐school.

Please see the following policies for more information: 

  • E‐safety Policy
  • Safeguarding Children Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy